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34th Annual Sugarloaf Reggae Festival | Maine Dentistry

Tropical Vibes at Sugarloaf’s 34th Annual Reggae Festival

Surround yourself with a reggaeton island beat and the snowy slopes of Sugarloaf Mountain at the 34th Annual Sugarloaf Reggae Festival.


The much-anticipated festival kicks off on Thursday, April 7, 2022, and lasts through Sunday, April 10, 2022. Located at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain, you will enjoy three days and three nights of live music and entertainment that will please your ears and get your body groovin’. The vibes are always so good here that no one will even care that you have two left feet! Just let loose.


This is the destination musical event of the spring – and you should be there.


The History of the Sugarloaf Reggae Festival


Years ago, a band and nearly a hundred people made up the reggae festival. Now? Thousands of people flock to hear the bands playing night and day. Festival-goers are decked out in Rastafarian attire, the sky is glowing with sunshine (bring your sunglasses), and… it is likely there will still be snow. Perhaps this is why it is often referred to as Jamaica of the North when the festival is going on


For those who live in the area and for those who are fans of skiing Sugarloaf Mountain, this annual reggae fest has turned into a spring tradition that many look forward to every year. For some, it is all about the music. For others, it is how everyone comes together in such an inclusive, peaceful way.


After your first experience, you will likely be back year after year, too. And, since it is all about to happen again – dig out the tie-dye and let the dreadlocks flow.


The Shows and Tickets


This year there are five different locations hosting live shows – The Widowmaker, King Pine Room, Bullwinkle’s, as well as a beach stage and an outdoor stage. And, with bands from all along the east coast (and beyond) you surely aren’t going to want to miss a show. This year’s lineup includes:



You can buy tickets for a show, certain shows, or all shows, depending on what your schedule allows. They are all sure to be a good time so don’t miss out.


The 411


The daytime shows are family-friendly, so you can go ahead and bring the kiddos. But as the sun goes down, shows are 21 and over – and a valid ID is required. And, if you want to head to Saturday or Sunday shows at Bullwinkle’s, you will have to strap on those skis or a snowboard to get there.


Bring your van or RV, stay all weekend, and create lifelong memories at the 34th Annual Sugarloaf Reggae Festival.


Maine Dentistry Will See You There


We don’t just work in the community, but we live in the community, too. There is a good chance that the dental team at Maine Dentistry will find our way to a few of the shows over the weekend. And, if you find yourself in need of a dentist once the party is over, we will be right back at work on Monday doing what we do best – serving the needs of our community with high-quality dental care.


To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us at one of our three locations:


Gray Office: 207-657-3553

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34th Annual Sugarloaf Reggae Festival | Maine Dentistry

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